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Palau has two new helicopter services for the amazing rock islands and jellyfish lake making it even a better filming destination. In addition Rollem has added the Jony Jib and chapman catepillar with stainless steel track to our equipment list for spectacular shots in Palau at an affordable rate. Celebrating 10 years of bringing quality productions to reality with fixer, crew, equipment and production services. New Equipment: Lite Panels, Joker 800, Red One!

Roll'em provides production support for 3 episodes of Destination Truth for the SyFy channel on locations in Guam, Pohnpei, and Chuuk in Micronesia.

destination truth

Survivor Logo Roll 'em Productions partnered with GMA_Logo to produce 64 episodes of Survivor Philippines Palau for a fraction of the U.S. Survivor budget. Find out how Palau can fit your television production budget.

Bone DetectiveGRB Entertainment produces 2 episodes of Bone Detectives with Roll 'em on location in Palau for the Discovery Channel.

United Nations Logo Roll 'em is awarded funding from the United Nations in 2009 to develop Pacific Island television news Oceania Television Network (OTV) .
A segment for "Earth, The Power of the Planet" for BBC is filmed in Palau's emerald green rock islands with Roll 'em. Earth



Palau Plane Hunters
(Discovery Canada)

Road to Ruin
(Oceania Television Network)


One stop for all your production needs in Palau and Micronesia.

With 15 years of film production experience including feature film, commercial, documentary, industrial and music video production, we have the knowledge you need to make your shoot in Palau a total success. Our experienced production team can save you time and money no matter the size of your project.

• Full service production from script to screen. Ask us about our co-production and partnering offers.
• Location scouting, permitting contracting and comprehensive production services.
• Sound stage, lighting and camera equipment, jibs, dolly, full service production office, crew, transportation and more.
• Extensive Palau stock footage library.
• Take advantage of our local knowledge and contacts to make your shoot hassle free.

Rollem Productions Logo

Roll 'em Productions Palau, inc.
1724 Media Lane • Koror, PW 96940 • Republic of Palau
(680) 488-1838 • Fax (680) 488-6235 • rollem@email.com



Available crew includes: fixer, location manager, director, coordinator, line producer, A.D. (Assistant Director), Sound Mixer, construction and set dressers, grips, electricians, drivers, production assistants, runners.

Available cameras include: Panasonic 7000, JVC 200U with digital back option, Z1U, PDX-10, Panasonic, Cannon XL-1, all with polarizer, tripod, plate, spare batteries, matte box, 4 x 4 filter set, rain slick

Production vehicles include: Crane truck, crew van, cargo van, 4 x 4 trucks

Lighting includes: Arri true blue 5,000k (T5), 2,000k (T2), 1,000w (T1), 650w, 300w, 150w Kino Flo 4' and 2' banks, chimera with soft box and china ball, lowel pro, strobe, gels and stands

Electric includes: 125 KVA generator (100,000w), 6,500 Generators (quiet), 1,700 portable, inverters, stingers, work lights

Grip includes: Jeffrey Jib, Jony Jib, Cobra crane II, Varizoom remote head, Cam Mate remote head, Matthews dolly, curved track, straight track, apple boxes, sand bags stands, maffer clamps, giant clamps, c-stands, light stands, rigging

Locations: Palau, Palau Rock Islands, Koror, Babeldoab, Peleliu, Airai, Kayangel, Sonsorol,Hatohobei, Seventy Islands, Jellyfish Lake, Milkway, Anguar, Yap, Micronesia, Guam, Siapan, Chuuk, Truuk lagoon, and Ponhepi.

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